Graphic design : Studio Marie-Pierre
Animations and development: Amandine Revel
Technical monitoring and advise : Bnet Solutions
Host : OVH

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High Tech quality control tools
Autonomous CNC machining units allow for quality control at each manufacturing
steps. Quality control department is fully equipped with roughness measurement
tool, shape control tool, microscope, micrometer, calibration rings and sticks…
thus ensure compliance of your products.

A team of professionals who commit for you
We always commit in order to identify best possible solutions, bearing in mind cost control,
production lead times, and product quality, as per your settings and requirements.
The regular improvement of our manufacturing equipment, the constant development
of all associated services, the reactivity and the flexibility of our team are the key assets
which allow us to accompany you in the manufacturing of your products and parts.

adresse Sauthier Décolletage Marignier